Born in Paris in 1953 and mostly educated in the USA, Phil Latimier du Clésieux,  Ph.D, is the Publisher & the Editor – in – Chief at WWW.CONVERSATIONPRIVEE.COM / WWW.OFF-THE-RECORDMESSAGING.COM an independent  Blog /On – line  think – Tank,  established in July 2011 that provides  a forum in which he shares experiences  to promote Public Diplomacy, Economic Development,  Corporate Life, Executive Education and Lifestyle.

Phil was previously a Corporate & Investment banker in senior positions with Citibank, Merrill Lynch, The National Bank of Kuwait and the Saudi European Bank before advising Governments as an International Consultant.

Also,  a Capital Markets Training Expert, he regularly collaborates with LA LETTRE DIPLOMATIQUE  for which he explores Economic Sustainability, Financial Stability, Environmental Change, and Green Growth issues.

He actually seats on the LLD’s Publishing / Editorial Committee since 2004 ( WWW.LALETTREDIPLOMATIQUE.FR ).

Phil favorite pastimes include the Polo Circuit and the Top International Film Festivals, throughout the year.

For 40 years Globetrotter, Doctor Latimier lectures worldwide and writes on issues that are changing the world.

Early June 2016, he took up his duties at  VIEWS OF THE WORLD FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL in an  Advisory Board member capacity.

As such, he is advising and supporting the President’s strategic agenda and is working to increase the global relevance of the Festival, reinforcing its mission.

Born in the creative brains of five Film, TV and Production and Marketing professionals, the originally US based Views of the World Film & Music Festival’s primary goal is to present films, scripts & film scores which have the power to raise awareness about vital social issues and inspiring audiences to take positive action.

This year (2016), and for at least 2 more years, the beautiful city of Montréal will be the home of the Views of the World Film and Music Festival.

This year, it will be from September 22 to 25.

Festival Director is Michel Zgarka & Deputy Delegate General is Ysé Brisson.



VIEWS OF THE WORLD FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL President is Georges Leclere.