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Dr. Mia Sperber began to make movies under the guidance and in a close cooperation with the Paris-based, legendary Chilean Film Director Raoul Ruiz, who was attached to helm a slate of features based on her books and screenplays.

He unfortunately and very sadly passed on and Mia decided to produce, in his memory, the films they wanted to create together.

New teams took over the work, while carrying the same vision and emotional intelligence required to bring the wonderful and meaningful projects to life.
Mia Sperber is a medical doctor who studied and specialised in diagnostic radiology in Europe and the USA.

She has written and edited several leading medical textbooks such as Radiologic Diagnosis of Chest Disease, Diffuse Lung Disorders, MRI of the Thorax and others.

She has also a great interest in history, philosophy and comparative religion, and has written books about such historical figures as Pythagoras, Dante Alighieri and Emperor Charlemagne of France, all currently serving as the basis for the production of major motion pictures and Television documentaries.

Based on her love for classical music, Mia is currently preparing a book on the opera and a series on classical composers of the past.
She also travels extensively, lecturing and working towards the worldwide introduction of medical advances.

With an international background and speaking several languages, Mia strives to convey a message of cross-cultural complicity, of universal sharing of dreams and hopes, and the unifying base in the philosophical and cultural principles of East and West.
Mia appears on television, participates as an invited speaker at many international conferences and is a member of the British Society of Authors and of the Medical Writers Group.





Mia, sits on the Special Committee (  Littéraire & Leaders d’opinion ) of VIEWS OF THE WORLD FILM FESTIVAL / FESTIVAL VUES DU MONDE whose mission is to promote movies that improve economic and social well – being of people around the world, an opportunity to make lives better.

Located in Montreal, VIEWS OF THE WORLD FESTIVAL is a once – in – a year opportunity to reach a new international commitment to combat through value – added movies and short films , environmental pressures,  climate change, discrimination, pollution, corruption, poverty, inequality, and accelerate the transition to better societal  and economic practices or policies.


At this point in time, the distinguished members of this Special Jury – all representing the finest VIEWS OF THE WORLD FESTIVAL / FESTIVAL VUES DU MONDE  core values -  are :
Alice de Jenlis, Marie- Elisabeth de Gastines, Hélène Clermont, Inès de Lassus Saint – Géniès, Hélène Pilikowski, Aurée de Carbon – Comtesse, Hélène de Pourtalès, Géraldine de France, Marian Mychelis, Father Edouard de Grivel, Father Arnaud de Malartic and Mia Sperber.

The second edition of the festival will be taking place in Montreal, Quebec, Canada fron September 18 to 24, 2017.

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate Mia for her prominant commitment and  daily dedication to the Movie Industry, as well as all the other distinguished members of the Special Committee ( Littéraire  & Leaders d’opinion ) for their support regarding VIEWS OF THE WORLD FESTIVAL / FESTIVAL VUES DU MONDE.

We  very much look forward to many years of continued association.
Philippe – Henri Latimier du Clésieux, Ph.D.

Secretary general & President of the Advisory Board


Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 6th, 2016.