Much has been written about the influence of Blogs  and much of it is true.

I’d like to be able to say that each morning the www.conversationprivee.com / www.off-the-recordmessaging.com  team sets out the daily posts you read according to a clear, preordained editorial concept to which we all adhere, but the truth – as so often – is a bit messier, the process a bit more free – form.

Actually, every morning we analyze the news not scientifically, but personally, intuitively, collaboratively, conversationally.

We  do enjoy the concept of a free and untrammeled spirit fueled by the ideas we want to express, whether through words or pictures.

4 years ago, exactly, we decided to step in the online media and challenge the traditional blogs by forging a new path in the art of creating straightforward posts on Politics, Business, Public Diplomacy, Corporate Life, Executive Education, Trends and Lifestyle.

Trends come and go in the on – line media industry, reflecting the fluidity of the times but readers around the world will always agree on the merit of a good post.

We at www.conversationprivee.com / www.off-the-recordmessaging.com believe that we are going where few bloggers have gone before.

Even if creativity is hardly ever pure – there’s always so many people involved in the making of something – our knowledge of Political History,  International Markets, social and economic issues,  honed over 35 years as  global policy experts, serves us well in this  venture.

Also, our resistence to being associated with any single medium or even sponsor is in part to thank for this.

Today, we ‘re celebrating our 4th  birthday.

We are suddenly realizing that what had begun as a  private hobby, creating posts on a blog , is now just the beginning of a real adventure which promises a wealth of great work and projects to come.

Stay connected !