Quality brand management : If you don’t tell people about your success, they probably won’t know about it !

It’s 2011, I am still training Graduate Students in Finance applied to the Luxury Goods Industry, and I still don’t do it for the money…I don’t think you should do it for the money, either.“Money is not an end in itself”, but it’s sometimes the most effective way to help us realize our dreams.Engi, Inka, Yin used to be creative students of mine leaving on the edge, which is needed to be successful and remain successful.They have their own inner drive that refuses to be bored. On top of that they stay focused and aim high.

Today, they all view their work as an art form and approach it with the same intensity as any ambitious artist would.

For these reasons, they all have got big dreams when it comes to the Luxury Goods Industry and they all want to become a brand name: not a surprise to me as they all have the big picture in focus!

These 3 smart girls, for sure, know that anyone who is beautiful had better have brains, too.

Today, Engi ( American University PARIS + MBA ISC SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT PARIS ), Inka ( IAE PARIS 12 – FRANCE + OULU UNIVERSITY OF ASSPLIED SCIENCES – FINLAND _) and Yin ( EDHEC + SHANGHAI UNIVERSITY OF FINANCE & ECONOMICS ) may not be “BIG MONEY” yet, however they got something special that will give them a chance to make their dreams happen : they’ve got a passion for what they do and they’ve got TALENT

So here it comes: After all of them make their first billion in that Luxury Goods industry, I am sure they won’t forget to send to their “old” Prof a thank-you note.

They know the address!

That said, here are their stories for :

Let’s start with Yin and Engi.

My name is TONG Yin. I’m a 23-year-old Chinese girl leaving in Shanghai, a metropolis bubbling in what Mao would call a state of permanent revolution. I got my Bachelor Degree in International Business in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and I’ll achieve my Master Degree in Finance in EDHEC this December. I was first mesmerized by the artistic sense and refined life style luxury products represent. Having my internships in world leading jewelry and cosmetic companies, Cartier and Estee Lauder, I’ve consolidated my dream of working in Luxury industry. I found building emotional images for strong brands really fascinating. Currently, I was recruited by Pernod Ricard Asia and would work in Strategic Planning Department. I am so glad to put my energy, drive and enthusiasm to work for that great French company!

I wish I could go further in luxury industry. I was fortunately chosen to complete my master thesis under instructions of Pro. Philippe-Henri LATIMIER du CLESIEUX. I focus my topic on the industry I love. Therefore, I will discuss Shareholders’ Value Creation through Merger and Acquisition in Luxury Industry. My commitment to the Fashion industry is second to none.

I am so glad to live in Shanghai: the Shanghainese have the reputation of being the most fashionable people in China.”There is nothing the Cantonese won’t eat”, so one version of a popular saying goes, “and nothing the Shanghainese won’t wear”.

Shanghai still exudes a faded glamour that Beijing can’t touch.

The city government has declared its goal to make Shanghai an Asian fashion centre to rank alongside Tokyo, London, New York and Paris but in reality the city still has a long way to go just to catch up with its own 1930s fashion scene, when images of Chinese women clad in figure-hugging “qipaos” (cheongsams) gave rise to its epithet as the “PARIS OF THE EAST”.

Based upon my job experience and educational qualifications, I look forward to the prospect of being “a part of it” and I am confident that I can bring effective leadership to the Luxury Goods Industry from Shanghai thanks to lots of projects and ideas that I have in mind that could explode like oil in a hot wok !

I am Enji Zaki. I am 26.

My strong willingness to study and gain experience within an international environment, taught me a lot about other cultures in the way they socially and professionally think and behave.

Having lived in London, Cairo and Paris, I have been exposed to three very different cultures and languages. Born in Cairo, raised in London, I then settled in Paris with my family.

After having had a French educational background, I decided to continue my studies in an Anglosaxon environment, which led me to study « International Business Administration » at the American University of Paris. My first dream was to become an architect but the more I thought about it the more I felt business was my passion. I immediately aimed to one day become a businesswoman.

After my bachelor’s degree, I wanted to improve my knowledge in marketing combining it to luxury, fashion and design. I therefore decided to apply for an MBA in Luxury Brand Marketing Management at ISC Paris. During my studies in this school, I had the chance to meet Dr. Phil Latimier du Clésieux who taught us Finance in the luxury goods industry. I am today glad to have him as my mentor.

Passionate about fashion, luxury, design, creativity and aesthetic; I decided to work on my imagination and create designs for jewellery. It then led me to think of seriously creating a jewellery brand.

I have always had a leadership spirit and the idea of possibly building a business in the fashion industry generated more motivation to give it a try.

I first freely followed my imagination in the creation of several jewellery designs which are quite international in their style. I then thought of a concept which could be very demanded in Europe as well as the Middle East. It then occurred to me to create a bracelet in the idea of the classic Dinh Van one but with a mystical and traditional yet modern design.

My exposure to many cultures and traditions, the interest I share for luxury fashion & design and my international background will hopefully give me the opportunity to successfully develop my jewellery brand.