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History is made up of defining moments and pivotal events : VOWFMF ( VIEWS OF THE WORLD FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL )  is a  Cinematographic Forum  in which  high calibre Film Makers, Film Directors and Producers  – with integrity and strong team spirit -  exchange expert knowledge  about social progress and the growth of stable market economies while identifying good topics and stories for movies, long or short films,  in light of  emerging challenges .

VOWFMF ‘s mission is to promote movies that improve economic and social well – being of people around the world.

We do believe this is an opportunity to make lives better.

The festival is also intended to cultivate transparent  economic and societal engagements in all areas with a view to enabling countries to benefit from cinematographic insights and preventing the key societal and environmental issues from becoming a source of conflict.


Located in Montreal, VOWFMF  is a once – in – a year opportunity to reach a new international commitment to combat through value – added movies and short films , environmental pressures,  climate change, discrimination, pollution, corruption, poverty, inequality, and accelerate the transition to better societal  and economic practices or policies.

Put simply, VOWFMF is a currency to invest in.

We are glad you join us to debate some of the most pressing issues on the global agenda and engage with Film Directors and Producers from acrosss the world.

Again, together, we hope to provide strategic guidance to leaders,  governments, public and private organisations through the movies we do select , and  to the public indeed , on how to address the coming challenges and to leverage social opportunities across the globe.

Given the intrinsic relationship between the movie industry and the key societal issues, we believe that VOWFMF may have an impact on people’s lives.

Views of the World Film & Music Festival : We’re a family !

Montreal at the heart of the world from September 22 to 25, 2016.