PHOTO # 1 Château Challain de nuit

Le monde « enchanté » d’Oliver Swan… : OLIVER SWAN Couture et le chateau de CHALLAIN.

La rencontre d’Oliver Swan avec Cynthia Nicholson, propriétaire du Château de Challain, est à l’origine des superbes photos de quelques-unes des robes de mariées d’Oliver Swan Couture, photos réalisées début août 2011 par Bernard Bachelot au Château de Challain.


Une même passion!

D’un côté, Oliver Swan Couture ne créé que des modèles uniques, spécifiques à chacune de ses clientes, qu’il refuse de décliner en prêt-à-porter.

Ses créations reflètent la personnalité de ses clientes et il s’adapte non seulement à leurs rêves, mais aussi à leur budget, comme le faisaient les maisons de couture traditionnelles des années 50.

Le Château de Challain suit exactement la même démarche lorsqu’il reçoit ses hôtes venant du monde entier, notamment à l’occasion de leur mariage, et conçoit, pour chacun d’eux, une fête magique, unique avec une nouvelle décoration des jardins et des salons conforme à leurs rêves.

Swan Couture


the Château de Challain


shared passion for the Unique

and Outstanding!


Oliver Swan’s encounter with Cynthia Nicholson, owner of Château de Challain, led to remarkable photographs
of wedding dresses from Oliver Swan Couture.
The photos were taken in early August 2011 by Bernard Bachelot at the Château de Challain.


A shared passion!

On the one hand, Oliver Swan Couture creates unique designs – individually conceived for his clients — which he refuses to debase in ready-to-wear.  As was true in the legendary fashion house of the 50s, his creations reflect his clients’ personalities … matching their dreams and budgets. The Château de Challain, meanwhile, adheres to exactly the same approach in welcoming their guests from all around the world … as when hosting their wedding celebrations with unique and magical party concepts, including specially conceived garden and castle décor that brings each bride’s
dreams to life.

The same crazy challenge links Oliver Swan and the Chateau de Challain:
an absolute refusal to settle for ordinary consistency … and a deep
commitment that despite any obstacles, winds, or tides, the client’s dreams
will be fulfilled. The fashion world claims that it is currently impossible for
a fashion house to exist without a ready-to-wear line.  Oliver Swan proves the opposite.  Cynthia Nicholson, too, has made the  “impossible” come true, by bringing back to life a huge castle in Anjou,previously abandoned, open to the wind and rain, without water or electricity.
In less than a decade, with the help of her husband, she not only saved and
restored the Chambord of Anjou … she completely decorated and furnished the
castle, bringing back to full glory the festive parties of yesteryear.

Today’s world — ever more uniform and standardized — discourages individual initiative by suggesting that it is impossible to escape from the “accepted” norms of life.  But these two examples show, as if proof were needed, that where there is a will, there’s a way!