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Because « we cannot solve the problems of our time with the same thinking we used when we created them » ( A. Einstein ),  may be -today-   we just need Buzz Lightyear to design their  solutions ?
Today, it seems we need him  not only « to the moon and back »…or « to infinity and beyond »….but forever and always to solve the serious  problems facing our advanced economies and democracies.
Economy, investment, sustainable develoment and inclusive growth matter.
Social progress, quality education, skills and employability,  gender equality and smarter productivity matter.
Corporate governance, international cooperation, multilateral aid  matter.
Innovation policies for inclusive growth, green growth, clean energy, climate change and COP 21 matter.
Migration, fair allocation of refugees and integration matter.
Public’s trust in institutions and democracy matter.
People, policymakers and politicians whose work and vision have the ability to change our lives in some way – how we think, feel, see, eat travel or even address our health care matter.
Let’s begin by honestly acknowledging the impediments: We live at a time of immense global challenges that strain the imagination and stain the conscience.
The global economy is continuing to expand at a moderate and uneven pace.
The tepid rate of growth means that a substantial degree of labour market slack remains, especially in the euro area, and world trade growth remains sluggish.
Important risks hang over the recovery, despite financial market bullishness and inequality has risen.
Market-income inequalities widened in most countries during both downturns and upswings.
Policy makers are confronted with the challenge of boosting economic growth while ensuring that gains remain socially inclusive.
Rise in pre-crisis fertility rates has stalled in several countries.
Social issues lie at the heart of government’s policy agendas.
Emerging economies were less affected by the crisis, but still face major social challenges.
Violent conflicts are creating the largest global refugee crisis in generations.
Authoritarianism is on the rise and injustice persists.
Corruption continues to distort economies and undermine public trust.
Employment opportunities are being outpaced by the growing labor force, resulting in a 40 percent rate of unemployment for the largest youth population in human history.
The marginalization of women and girls, ethnic minorities, and other social groups continues.
In some regions, the grievances and alienation of young people are driving them to violent extremism.
In the face of these challenges, it is easy to be discouraged.
But frustration will not create the positive changes we need to see in the world.
And it overlooks the many constructive, if less headline-grabbing, developments that occur every day.
My colleagues at / and I believe fervently that a better future is possible.
Without question, these greatest challenges that leaders in the world have to overcome  require  urgent responses.
This post could not have come at a more crucial moment.
We’re already in November and 2016 is just around the corner.
This new year has the potential to be a turning point in the history of mankind.
Our hope is that this alert will help change the face of the world in 2016 and will help find practical application in the policies adopted by governments around the world.

I welcome your views and remain grateful for your continued interest and support.

With best wishes to all who care about / and share our informative mission,