Geneva is a focal point of meeting between nations and has been for many centuries a cross – roads of ideas.

 Each time nations come together to seek peace, Geneva , the City of Calvin characterized by its universal spirit, but also the city of Jean – Jacques Rousseau who influenced the French and American Revolutions and who established Human Rights, is chosen as their common meeting ground.

Geneva clearly has a place in history which far surpasses the geographical space it occupies.

The international dimension of life is very important in Geneva.

It would be possible to spend several weeks in Geneva, with a different itinerary each day, focusing one’s attention on one or another of its museums or galleries.

Historically, Geneva has always been a city of fairs and conferences and a meeting – place for commerce, culture and sciences.

A city, also where the quality of cuisine has contributed in a significant way to promoting the country itself.

To present all the composite aspects of Geneva’s identity, one must not forget to mention its own special characteristic : Geneva is a city of luxury.

Heir to a long tradition in the art of making fine watches, Geneva has been the cradle of generations of jewelers, gem cutters and setters, goldsmiths, engravers, enamellers…. 

Last but not least, Geneva’s current standing in the financial world is the inheritance from its private bankers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The globalization of financial markets and the emergence of new institutional investors – multinationals, holding companies, pension funds, investment funds… have contributed to transforming the genevan banking market into a true capital of wealth management.

Through its international role, the presence of top international, governmental and non –governmental Organizations , which have continually grown in number, including both companies whose names enjoy local and international prestige and diplomatic missions, Geneva holds a unique place in the world.

As Voltaire wrote, “Geneva is a grain of musk whose scent pervades the universe”…

How come, today,  this statement about Geneva is still so well deserved ?

Geneva this way !


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