, The Digital Revolution is transforming everyone’s life and is a powerful catalyst by linking people and sharing information, ideas and products worldwide.

The Digital Economy is here, and growing everyday, sometimes in surprising ways.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to us given the surge of information and communications technology at home and at work since the 1990s.

The  importance of today’s interconnected Digital Economy cannot be stressed enough.

The Digital Revolution is profoundly disrupting the nature of work.

Ongoing innovation in Digital Technology is changing labour markets worldwide.

The changes in the Digital Era raise profound issues on how to adapt labour market policy and institutions.

The Digital Revolution  both requires expanding the supply of skills in the population and improving the way skills are used in the workplace.

People will work differently in the Digital Economy.

Not only will jobs evolve, but this will shape the kinds of skills people learn and need.

On behalf of /, we would like to take here a positive view of the future as we believe that the Digital Revolution does benefit productivity.

Also, we do believe that Digital Technology is good because it spurs new forms of Capitalism.

It’s good also because it transforms the economy and Society for the better.

Now, more than ever, we must ensure that the  children of our technological age use those changes in the Digital Era to enhance opportunities by developing innovative products and services.

Welcome to the Digital Future.

By the way,  I can barely remember life before the Smartphone and the Social Networks.

The Future of our Societies will be Innovative.

And, I just like it this way.