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During Spring, summer and fall, the biggest cities in the world  move to the rythms of International Film Festivals.

Film Festivals have become a crucial part of cinema’s industry.

Ever since their start in 1932 at a festival in Venice, there have been more and more festivals and they have spread all over Europe and then the world.

Dubai Film Festival, Sundance, Champs- Elysées Film Festival, Deauville American Film Festival, Cannes, Mar del Plata Film Festival, Los Angeles  Film Festival, Taormina Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Festival do Rio, Views of the World Film & Music Festival ( Montreal ), Festival International de Film de Marrakech… here’s the list of some of the top International Film Festivals that we ‘re scheduled to attend during 2016.

Yes, the 21 st century will recognize International Film Festivals as the link between people by bringing distant Cultures and Civilizations closer together.

A great Nation needs great International Film Festivals.

We at / are so very proud to support the top International Film Festivals worldwide.

International Film Festivals are pretty much like favourable tailwinds creating lots of opportunities for the Movie Industry.

During the past few years, we continued improving our communications, visibility and impact to put our blog /think – tank at the leading edge in this realm.

Throughout 2016, we shall remain at the forefront of efforts to promote the International Film festivals to back up cinematographic dynamism.

Let’s put it this way, we believe they are establishing a major cultural network in the world.

Thanks to their second- to -none power, the hosting countries can project their cultural influence to attract investors and tourists.

Talking about France, after Cannes, and before Deauville,  Paris is currently hosting exciting events open to everyone  with the Champs – Elysees Film Festival.

We just love it !



Vive le 7ème Art et Vive les Festivals Internationaux du Cinéma ! : They are traces of our cultural heritages.

Happy festivals !