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Que serait la France d’aujourd’hui sans ses banquiers ni ses financiers du second empire et ses receveurs généraux des finances ?

L’histoire de France nous rappelle que c’est la Régence française qui en 1716 charge John Law de restaurer les finances du royaume plombées de manière abyssale par le règne de Louis XIV ainsi que la faillite retentissante de sa banque incapable de satisfaire les porteurs de papiers, qui , inquiets exigent la conversion de leurs [...]

Phil PIC #4

Every business needs financing…: What do CFOs actually do?

Finance is the economics of time and risk. Once a business has defined its purpose, scope, and objectives, it should develop a strategy to achieve its goals.There is a relationship between growth and financial requirements and every business needs debt or equity financing, even when at first glance it might appear that funding is unnecessary [...]


New paradigm for development – OECD -

The world has changed substantially since the OECD was created 50 years ago. Anniversaries are right moments for looking back and looking forward. The 50th anniversary of the OECD which is celebrated this year on the occasion of the 2011 FORUM, is a great opportunity to Angel GURRIA, Secretary-General, OECD to reaffirm what OECD stands [...]


What drives the business of islamic finance and banking ?

        In a global environment that has become increasingly challenging, Islamic Finance has experienced rapid expansion. It is fast emerging as a viable and competitive form of financial intermediation with significant potential beyond the recent setback faced by DUBAI WORLD last fall. The integration of Islamic Finance with international financial markets and [...]


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