Brand financial management in the luxury goods industry : Style is always in fashion !

Inka, is an entrepreneur.She trusts herself.She’s got super academic credentials, and she also has instincts…: business instincts !Like me she doesn’t believe the critics unless they love her work.She loves brand names, especially quality brand names.I know that whetever Inka will be touching will turn to gold. Here’s Inka’s story ….

I am Inka Tiitto, a 24-year old Business student from Oulu, Finland, but I strongly consider myself as a European citizen. I have knowingly exposed myself to foreign cultures through travelling and studies from a very young age and have also been lucky to live both in Brussels and Paris. Hence, my career has a strong global focus as well.

I have studied Economics and Business Administration in the University of Oulu, focusing on Marketing and International Business. To expand my perspectives on global business and the overall state of our society, I also studied Development Studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences of University in Helsinki, Finland. I met Dr. Phil Latimier du Clésieux in Paris where I studied in the International Master in Business Management program of IAE Gustave Eiffel, Université Paris Est. He taught me corporate finance in the most inspiring manner.

I have been consulting Finnish-French strategic business partnerships and working with international sales and marketing, mostly in the Luxury Goods Industry. However, I have recently begun to combine business with a lifelong passion of mine – dancing. My current work as a cultural producer opened my eyes to possibilities in the scene of cultural events such as dance, theater, musicals and so on. My Masters thesis applies concepts and ideas of luxury brand management on cultural events with the aim of creating luxurious, unique and powerful arts experiences.

I strongly believe that passion is the thing to drive you furthest in the road of success, both in life and business, hence the leap from industrial circles to arts and culture. I see my skills and knowledge in business as something I want to apply to things close to my heart to create something that will leave a mark, beginning from not more than a scratch if needed. When done with passion, this does not feel like work – it turns into expressing yourself and following through your dreams.