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Christmas 2017 is in the pipeline.

Actually, it’s coming pretty soon…in exactly 12 days as of today, if I am correct ?

As it’s almost right around the corner, it might mean that some of you are about to be on leave soon or may be  in the process of preparing some vacation.

Anyway, whatever your plans, the very last weeks of the year are often a time of reflection as we look back on the ending year, celebrate the holidays with friends and family, and think to the future about what the new year will bring.

At www.conversationprivee.com, we would like to be the very first ones to wishing you a very happy Christmas Season.

We would like to wish you a great end of 2017 and have a memorable holiday season.

Also, as we leave behind another year in less than  3 weeks, we would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to everyone who has contributed to www.conversationprivee.com / www.off-the-recordmessaging.com during 2017 and more specifically to all our valuable readers for showing an unglagging interest in our posts.

2018 is a very important benchmark to us as our blog / think tank will be celebrating its 7th anniversary.

As we get use to say here, www.conversationprivee.com / www.off-the-recordmessaging.com is our mirror to the outside world.

It’s primary purpose is to reflect with an innovative state of mind, the key issues this world brings when it comes to International Politics and Business, Public Diplomacy, Fashion, Lifestyle trends as well as Executive Education.

We like to believe it’s forming in its own way a powerful bridge of cultures between the French and the Anglosaxon worlds.

You’ll see lots of changes in the year ahead.

So please, start spreading the news.

On a lighter note, have a memorable 2017 holiday season and a very happy new year filled with success.

We’re very happy if our posts make a small but positive change in the the life of our readers and we look forward to chatting with you for many years to come !

May Xmas fill your homes with  Peace and Joy.

May your Holidays sparkle !

Publisher & Executive Editor