Beijing International Film Festival

Overview of Beijing International Film Festival

  Beijing International Film Festival is an international culturalexchange activity held by State Administration of Press,Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China and People’s Government of Beijing Municipality. Ithas witnessed five successful International Film Festivals sinceits foundation in 2011. With the objective of “Share the Screen,Shape the Future”, the festival promotes the concept of “Beauty in Variety, Harmony in Diversity”. It strictly follows the pattern of international famous film festivals in the organizational operation and has gone through the developing stages of high starting point, great-leap-forward improvement and compliance with international standards. The international level, professional standard, brand impact and public participation have been growing for years on end. It has explored and solidified the positioning and style of “3M”,namely “Master, Mass and Market”. In the past five years, the film festival has attracted thousands of global film elites and industrial representatives to come to Beijing. 2,298 films from all over the world have entered the competition for the “Tiantan Award”. 45 excellent films from 26 countries have been nominated. 1,370 films of over 90 countries and regions have attended the Beijing film panorama. 17 movie-themed forums focused on the hot topics of numerous domestic and international honored guests. The Film Market has attracted over 2,600 film institutions and over 20,000 attendees to participate in the festival. The total amount of contract amounted to RMB 41.164 billion yuan. China has become the largest Asian Film Market with the highest growth rate in the world. Nearly more than 4 million person-times have attended the Film Carnival. Beijing International Film Festival has quickly developed into high-end and professional international film gala and plays a more and more important role in the process of building up national culture center.

Brief Introduction of the 6th BJFF

  The 6th Beijing International Film Festival is sponsored by StateAdministration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Televisionof the People’s Republic of China and People’s Government ofBeijing Municipality, and co-organized by Film Bureau of the StateAdministration of Press, Publication, Radio Film and Televisionof the People’s Republic of China, Beijing Municipal Bureau ofPress, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (Beijing MunicipalBureau of Copyright), Huairou District People’s Government ofBeijing Municipality, and Beijing Enterprises Group Real-estate

Co., Ltd, and it will be held in Beijing from April 16 th to April 23 rd ,2016. According to related spirits and instructions, the Bjifforganizing committee will no longer organize « Tiantan Award » selection, which instead is hosted by BTV this year. After thechange, the Beijing International Film Festival mainly includessix major activities, namely opening and closing ceremonies,Gewara+Wepiao?Beijing panorama?Beijing Planning?Theme Forum,Film market, Film Carnival, as well as over 200 events such asForward Future Section, Documentary Section, Classic PekingOpera Film, Network Film, Film Concert, Film Salon and IndustryConversations and New Film Release.The 6 th Beijing International Film Festival will follow the patternof the last session and the opening and closing ceremonies willbe held in Huairou District, and sections such as film panorama,theme forum, and Film Market will be held in downtown. TheOrganizing Committee will closely center on the functional positioning of promoting Sino-Foreign cultural exchange and the development of film industry and serving the culturalconstruction of the national capital. It will continue its efforton internationalization, industrialization, popularization andspecialization and innovation and aims to surpass the previousfestivals in film quality, box office of out-of-competition films,guest popularity, forum profession, market transaction and brandimpact.

Collect Global Film Resources, and Promote the InternationalizationLevel in a Comprehensive Way. More than 3,000 attendees both athome and abroad will attend the opening and closing ceremonies,where 16 presidents of international film festivals and industryrepresentatives, and over 600 Chinese and foreign filmmakersas well as production teams including the American director andactress Natalie Portman, Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz, Italianfamous director Giuseppe Tornatore, Chow Yun-Fat, Aaron Kwok,Tony Leung Ka-fai, Eason Chan, Yao Chen and Tang Wei will walkon the red carpet. There is a 40% increase of the number of filmswhich is going to screen in this festival comparing with that oflast year; well-known film agencies at home and abroad such asDolby Laboratories, China Film Group and Enlight Media will alsoparticipate in related activities.The Beijing TV Station (BTV) “Tiantan Award” will take advantageof the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and other projectplatforms of Beijing International Film Festival to introduce andpromote the progress and outcome achieved by its CompetitionDepartment, so as to form agglomeration effect. President ofthe Award Jury is Brett Ratner, a famous American director whoalso produced films like The Revenant and Rush Hour; and otherJury members are from Japan, Romania, Germany, Bosnia andHerzegovina and China. 15 out of 433 films from 42 countriesand regions are shortlisted and ready to compete for 10 awards in“Tiantan Award”.

Focus on and Devote to the Film Market, and Offer Guidelinesto Industrial Development. This year’s film festival has drawnmuch attention from the industry; many Chinese and foreignexhibitors are eager to register. More than 200 institutions both athome and abroad have confirmed to attend the festival, coveringsuch fields as creation, production, distribution, management,marketing, publicity and technology. A large number of high-tech enterprises which take VR technology as representatives actively participate, which makes a new light spot of this year’sFilm Market. “Project Pitches” Section has collected 674 projects,a year-on-year growth of 48%, setting a new record about thenumber and speed of collection; the quality of the work is alsoimproved dramatically. Market signing amount is expected to goup as well.Introduce New Filmmakers, New Works and New Projects,Create an Incubator for Film Industry. The film festival organizesall kinds of activities like filmmaker media conference, film releaseconference and premier to offer propagandizing and popularizingplatform for new filmmakers and new films; arrange “Film Critics’Recommendation” Section to discover, introduce, promoteand support excellent young people with market potentials;cooperate with institutions like Cannes Film Festival and MotionPicture Association of America in setting up awards like “NewChinese Film Talents Fund Award” and “MPA Award” to supportnew filmmakers to conduct international exchanges; and put upprizes like “Project Pitches Special Award” and “Best BusinessPotential” to encourage Project Pitches and help new filmmakers.Give Play to Professional Advantages, and Constantly Improvethe Festival to a High Level. The opening & closing ceremonies,organized by BTV and CCTV Movie Channel respectively, will beheld at Huairou Yanqi Lake International Convention & ExhibitionCenter on April 16 th and April 23 rd , pooling global film resourcesto present a cultural feast of light and shadow with the keynoteof “high quality, film feelings, Chinese spirit” and the purport of“etiquette of modern Beijing, dreamy Winter Olympics, the Beltand Road, world film songs, global connection”. Domestic andforeign film stars and elites offilm industry will be present atthe ceremonies, red carpet show, announcing “Tiantan Award”of BTV. Sino-Foreign Film Co-production Forum has invitedhonored guests to carry out dialogues centering on “InternationalCooperation Production Experience Sharing”, “The DevelopmentTrend of Film Derivative Products”, “Study on Creation of ChineseComedy Film” and so on. Beijing Film Panorama is named by“Gewara+Wepiao” for the first time for in-depth cooperation,providing convenient, considerate and accurate ticket servicesfor movie fans; Film Market provides project roadshow, new filmrelease, forum dialogue and other professional solutions, meetingthe needs of cinematic institutions on brand, business and projectpublicity.Adhere to the concept of benefitting the people with culture,all the people share the film culture feast. Film Panorama will make the best of projection facilities, enlarging coverage areaand allowing more audiences to walk into cinemas; 20 out-of-competition sections have been set and over 500 Chinese andforeign excellent works have been selected from 2,329 submitted films from 105 countries and regions for panorama, which include Oscar shortlists and award-winning films, films winning Golden Palm Grand Prix, Judging Panel Prize and Jury Prize at Cannes, films wining prize at Berlin International Film Festival, films winning the Judging Panel Prize at Venice International Film

Festival, as well as hot commercial films over the past two years. The audiences will be able to watch these fantastic films from 25 cinemas, academic institutions and five universities. In order to highlight Chinese Cultural elements, “Beijing Ethnic Film Festival”,“Classic Beijing Opera Film Section” and other theme filmfestivals will be held; film concerts will be well organized to allow the masses to enjoy the beauty of film. Film Carnival will be held in Beijing Huairou Yanqi Lake?InternationalConvention Center and Huairou Film & Television Industry Park,Beijing, China from April 9 th to May 8 th . This year coincides withthe 110 anniversary of world animated film. This session of FilmCarnival will, themed with “Fun?Childhood Fun?Return”, giveplay to Huairou’s tourism advantages to build an entertainment participation platform for the citizens and tourists.