Anne Albright de Bonrepos : Welcome to my Millineray Atelier !

Anne Albright de Bonrepos 

Welcome to my Millinery Atelier !

I am pleased to give you some guidance for your appointment.

I work “By Appointment Only” and ask you to allow at least 2 to 3 hours for the first appointment.   The second and third appointments require an hour or less.

  • First Appointment: 

-         The Client brings several outfits which she wants to have a Hat made for. 

-         I show the Client how to don a Hat and care for it.

-         The Client tries several Hats and decides which one she would like: Style, Fabric, Size, Embellishments (Flowers, Leaves, Bow, etc…), Trims, etc….  

-         Measurements are taken: Head circumference, top of the Ear to Ear, Shoulder width, Height, Dress Size, Complexion (Pale, Olive, Tan, etc…).

-         Favorite designers, colors, styles, etc…

-         A picture of the Client’s face and upper torso is taken as well as full length.

-         Information on the event which the Client is going to: Wedding, Luncheon, Garden Party, Graduation, Easter, etc… and her lifestyle: Social, Business, Active, etc…

-         A non-refundable down payment of 50% is required, upon ordering the Hat, Fascinator and/or Accessories.

  • Second Appointment:

-         This is the first « fitting ».  The Client must bring the outfit/outfits which she intends to wear with the Hat.  This means: Dress, Shoes, Purse and any other accessories. 

-         The Client tries the Hat on with the outfit/outfits. At that time, adjustments are made, if needed.

  • Third Appointment:

-         During this second « fitting » and, usually, last appointment, the Client must bring the outfit/outfits which she intends to wear with the Hat. 

-         This means: Dress, Shoes, Purse, Jewelry and any other accessories. 

-         The Client tries the Hat on with the outfit/outfits. At that time, the FINAL adjustments are made, if needed.

-         The Client may then, take her Hat which is in a specially designed Box, for large brimmed Hats and where, the Hat should ALWAYS be kept, in order to protect it.

-         The remaining balance is paid and the Client is able to enjoy her new Hat! 

Please, do not put make-up on your forehead when fitting for a Hat.  Thank you.      

Anne Albright de Bonrepos

Haute Couture Millinery


-          All Hats and Fascinators are custom made and are non-refundable and non-returnable.

-          California tax of 9.75% is charged where applicable and Shipping and Handling charged when applicable.

-          Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for the Hat to be completed.

-          Should the Client opt to have, in the future, certain small additions made to the Hat, which do not entail structural or extensive alterations, such as flowers or leaves, I am happy to oblige, for a minimal fee.  Prior to sending the Hat, to me, I request a picture in order to assess the state of the Hat.

-          The Client must bring or send me the Hat, with specific instructions on what she desires to change on the Hat.  If the Hat has been damaged, by rain or by crushing, the Client may send it to me, to see if I am able to fix the Hat and/or replace the embellishments. 

-          There is no charge for minor repairs, unless the Hat is structurally damaged, or if the fabric has been soiled or stained, in which case, I consult with the Client and we decide, in writing, what changes and repairs can be made. All shipping and handling costs shall be handled by the Client.

-          The Hat comes in a specially designed Box for large brimmed Hats.  It has a crown support which is imperative to put the Hat on, in order to keep the Crown in shape and protected.  The Box may be put on its side but best kept flat, for long periods of time.  I have traveled many times (by car and by plane), with my Hats in these boxes, they are solid and sturdy.

  Please, do not put anything else in the Box except the Hat, with the exception of Gloves.  Fascinators come in boxes appropriate to their size.

Anne Albright de Bonrepos

Haute Couture Millinery 


-          All of the Hats, Fascinators and Gloves are designed and entirely hand-made by Anne Albright de Bonrepos.

-          The designs are One of a Kind or a Limited Edition.  Limited Edition consists of 2-4 and they are never sold to any Ladies who live in the same State in the United States or, Country, if outside of the United States,

-          All orders are custom made.  

-          Each Hat takes 30 to 50 hours to make and consists of 1,200 to 5,000 stitches depending on the design, and Fascinators take from 15 to 25 hours.

-          Depending on the size and complexity of the Hat’s embellishments, you must allow three weeks for delivery.  All rush orders can be considered, depending on the time frame, the geographical location of the Client and the complexity of the Hat. 

-          All the Hats are hand-cut, hand-wired and hand-sewn.

-          The Flowers are hand-sewn, as are the leaves and the bows.  The other silk flowers are wired together and covered with a satin ribbon to cover the wire.

-          All types of Fabrics are used: Silk, Satin, Taffeta, Georgette, Hound’s-tooth, etc…and Anne will work with a fabric which the Client brings to match an Outfit.  The choice of the fabric is due to inspiration as are the embellishments on the Hat.

-          The Berets are sewn by machine but finished by hand and embellished with flowers and leaves all made by hand, as are the bows.

-          The Hats are lined in Satin and personally named, dated and signed by Anne Albright de Bonrepos.  The Hat’s owner’s name is included, as well, depending on the size of the Hat or Fascinator.

-          A Certificate of Authenticity is included with each Hat or Fascinator.

-          All of the Hats can be ‘accessorized’ with Gloves and Purses.  The Gloves and the Purses are custom made with handmade embellishments to compliment the Hat.


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