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Eight years after the financial crisis, the recovery remains disappointingly weak according to the latest OECD Economic Outlook* .

Global GDP growth is projected to be 3% in 2016, unchanged from last year, with only a modest improvement foreseen in 2017. Global trade growth also remains very subdued.

Many emerging market economies (EMEs) have lost momentum, with sharp downturns in some, especially commodity producers.

The upturn in the advanced economies remains modest, with growth held back by slow wage gains and subdued investment.

Low commodity prices and accommodative monetary policies continue to offer support in many economies, albeit punctuated by periods of tightened and volatile financial conditions, especially early in the year.

All this culminates in growth rates much weaker than anticipated a few years ago and well below pre-crisis norms.

Moreover, such a prolonged period of slow growth has damaged the longer-run supply-side potential of economies, via the scarring effect of extended unemployment, foregone investment and the adverse impact of weak trade growth on productivity.



OECD Economic Outlook*

The OECD Economic Outlook is the OECD’s twice-yearly analysis of the major economic trends and prospects for the next two years.
Prepared by the OECD Economics Department, the Outlook puts forward a consistent set of projections for output, employment, government spending, prices and current balances based on a review of each member country and of the induced effect on each of them on international developments.Coverage is provided for all OECD member countries as well as for selected non-member countries. Each issue includes a general assessment, chapters summarizing developments and providing projections for each individual country, three to five chapters on topics of current interest such as housing, and an extensive statistical annex with a wide variety of variables including general debt.

OECD Economic Outlook, Volume 2016 Issue 1