In the coming weeks, we might see increasing numbers of conferences and seminars about Environmental Finance.

The forming of the new European Commission led by President Jean – Claude Juncker and the recent parliamentary elections create the opportunitity to build relationships to influence EU policy over the next few years.

Financing the low – carbon transition is pretty high on all EU governments’ agenda while keeping in mind that the annual investment needs are measured in trillions of dollars per year.

The main challenge today is to smooth out the channeling of funds to meet the needs of a low – carbon economy, rather than sticking to the existing high – carbon economic model.


As declared by Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman, Paris EUROPLACE, Pierre – René Lemas, CEO, CAISSE DES DEPOTS GROUP and Jonathan Vice – President, EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK in a communiqué disclosed during the PARIS 2015 Climate Finance Day  ( ) – a crucial milestone on the road to COP21, the UNITED NATIONS conference that will seal a new international agreement on how to tackle climate change including a long – term financial structure for climate change – ,  « significant amounts of capital are needed to finance a lower carbon and more climate resilient economic and societal model worldwide « .

In that regard, the private sector has a key role to play in terms of its capital contribution as well as its ability to promote investments into the green economy.

But not much will happen if we don’t foster the cooperation between public and private financial market makers to facilitate and steadily accelerate investment in the environmental economy.

Financial solutions exist.

New concepts and scalable solutions are also available in the marketplace.


Today, May 22nd 2015, it was very refreshing and inspiring to listen talented people addressing these issues as well as forward – looking strategies within 4 round tables ( « How Can Institutional Investors Bring their Portfolios into line 2°c », « Assessing, Financing and Insuring Against Climate Risk », « Finance for Climate Action – Tackling the Investment Challenge », « Innovations for a Sustainable Financial System : Policies, Regulations, Standards » held during the PARIS 2015 CLIMATE FINANCE DAY at UNESCO Headquarters organized under the patronage of the French Minister of Finance and Public Accounts.

Yes, time has come to act !